Wellness Workshops

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Interactive Group Coaching Solutions Designed To Encourage Positive Lifestyle Changes

Our onsite Wellbeing Workshops are highly interactive and effective at motivating employees to take action and make important lifestyle changes. The workshops are designed to target and support all of your people, regardless of whether they are just thinking about change, preparing for change, or ready to take action. There are a number of workshop topics to choose from under our Work Well, Live Well, Think Well categories. Please view the further info document four our full list. 

Why not turn your workshop into a lifestyle campaign. This would include:

  • A promotional campaign prior to the workshops
  • Your workshop programme
  • The Wellbeing Coach provides your people with a 4 week personal action plan to follow
  • During the 4 week personal action plan your people receive:
    • Monday morning emails from our online health coaching team to keep them focused and motivated

    • Unlimited access to the online health coaching team, via email, for support, advice and coaching for the lifestyle campaign topic

  • At the end of the 4 week personal action plan your people complete a behaviour change survey which forms the basis of a campaign report to you.