Fitbit Activity Trackers

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Enable Employees To Track & Measure Their Activity

Since the health benefits of physical activity and the health risks of being sedentary are well established, encouraging your employees to increase their activity should be a major priority.  Fitness trackers will help motivate and empower your employees to reach their health and fitness goals by tracking their activity, exercise, sleep, weight and more. By knowing how much or how little activity they are doing employees have greater knowledge and awareness to change their behavior.

If you purchase over 100 fitness trackers you are able to take advantage of the free Health Solutions service which includes two programmes:


This package is best suited to small to medium-sized businesses with simple organizational structures and includes:

  • Easy implementation & employee on-boarding

  • Unlimited challenges to get employees engaged and moving

  • Access to group and individual real-time data to evaluate program participation and success

  • Full suite of communications to launch your program, drive ongoing engagement and promote challenges


This package is best suited to large organizations seeking a comprehensive, flexible solution with account guidance on implementation and results-featured solution with dedicated support.  The package includes all the benefits of Starter, plus:

  • Direct access to an account specialist to guide you through launch, implementation and ongoing program management

  • Flexible structure and unlimited numbers for team challenges

  • Robust user management tools for seamless launch, on-boarding and ongoing program maintenance

  • Quarterly KPI reports and annual business reviews