Active Sitting

Encourage Employees To Move When Sitting

The health risks linked to “prolonged sitting” or “excessive sitting” include greater risk of heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, mental health, hernia, and poor core strength (abdominals).  Whilst we can reduce our sitting by using a sit-stand or standing desk, it is also essential that when we do sit – we are able to move easily and often. 

Active Seating Stools differ from regular desk chairs or task chairs, because they encourage frequent movement which engages core muscles groups. They also facilitate the hips to slant slightly forward, moving your back to positive alignment and thereby reduced risk of slouching.   Improved concentration and less physical strain will help your employees feel happier, healthier and more productive.


Here at Sit-Stand our mission is to provided the best range of active working solutions at the most affordable prices.  Through Your Wellness Hub you will receive a consultation to discuss your organisations needs and 15% discount on any order made.