Organisational Wellbeing Profile

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Identify Your Companies Health Risks & Health Intentions

Wellbeing profiles are a valuable tool when designing your wellbeing strategy and programme as they provide a snapshot of the wellbeing of a set population and detail both health risks and health intentions. The Wellbeing Profile is a simple tool to understand your peoples’ needs:

  • Delivered online via a ‘survey link’
  • Takes a few minutes to complete
  • Completed anonymously
  • Can be deployed across your whole organisation

On completion a detailed organisational report is produced. This comprehensive profile covers three broad areas:

  • Physical wellbeing –medical issues, waist, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, sleep, exercise, healthy eating, alcohol, musculoskeletal, smoking
  • Mental wellbeing –resilience, mood, stress, coping skills
  • Personal wellbeing –finance, relationships, caring, work life balance

The above data is analysed by the following demographics of your organisation –age, gender and level of responsibility (employee or manager).  Upon review of this data we will make recommendations on where our products can support your wellbeing strategy and organisational needs.