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The Digital Platform That Ensures The Emotional Wellbeing Of Your Workforce Through Simple Positive BEHAVIOUR CHANGE


MyMindPal helps to create happier and healthier companies by improving the workplace culture through evidence based tools. Our digital platform employs cognitive interventions and mindfulness practices to positively shift the way people think and behaviour.

The Key Benefits for you and your people

  • Increased resilience
  • Improved health
  • Higher engagement levels
  • Increased productivity
  • Meaningful data (We provide your organisation with key information that helps you understand the emotional wellbeing challenges at a departmental level)
  • Engagement percentage
  • Positivity levels
  • Stress reduction levels

Our approach requires an average of less than 5 minutes a day of user commitment to observe measurable improvement.


The employee journey

•    Personalised feedback
•    Building and increasing positive emotions through simple actions
•    Tools to reduce stress levels and negative emotions
•    A bank of instantly accessible mindfulness routines and relaxation tools
•    An emergency SOS feature to flag and navigate users with extreme risk factors

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