Garmin Activity Trackers

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Enable Employees To Track & Measure Their Activity

Fitness Trackers allow individuals to track activity, monitor heart rate, sleep patterns and much more. Most importantly within a work environment, they encourage a strong sense of team spirit and healthy competition as wearers can connect with their work colleagues to share progress and goals. 

Garmin has been developing mobile products for fitness & outdoors, automobiles, marine and aviation for the past 26 years. Garmin Health is the digital health solution for use in corporate wellness management, sports and medical applications.

Garmins free online community, Garmin Connect™, allows participants to save their sweat equity, share their progress, access free training plans and join online challenges to compete with other users. They can also choose to share their activity data from Garmin Connect with their wellness program — a simple, one-time process.

To support your purchase Garmin can offer a complimentary health portal, with which companies can start fast and effective internal fitness competitions. Complex and professional health and Corporate Health Management services are available at all times thanks to diverse partnerships. With over 20 million sold wearables, Garmin is regarded as a pioneer and leader in the active lifestyle area.